Meet Our Cats!

This is our wonderfull stud boy Seuss.                    He is a black, silver & mackerel tabby with white.

Seuss joined us from Poland early 2020 and is such a big part of the family!

He is a very large boy and just loves cuddles, curling up on the sofa and lots of play time!

He has his own accomadation full or towers, toys and tunnels but enjoys joining us in the house     and going for a walk on his lead!

Here is our majestic Ishtar. She is a wonderful girl also know as Ivette Silver Gang PL by her breeder.

She is a black silver classic tabby with white and just truly stunning. Shes quick on her feet and loves nothing more that playing chase with her toys and being around the family. She has the most piercing eyes! We are looking forward to seeing her first kittens in 2021!

ishtar kitten 4.jpg
Beaulah 3.jpg

Meet Beaulah! Such an affectionate girl who's also know as Inez Silver Gang PL by her breeder. She, like her sister Ishtar, has a wonderful build and we just love her solid head and lynx tip ears! She is a black, tortie, classic tabby and we just love her. Beaulah loves to be around you and curling up on a sunny window sill. We are looking forward to kittens Spring 2021!

Here is Ezra! He is a wonderful solid blue boy who loves a cuddle. He is so playful and joined us from Sciroo's Maine Coons in Budapest. We look forward to having kittens from him in 2021. 

Meet Bellatrix! A wonderful girl who joined us from Heart Stealer Cattery in Budapest. Shes such a character, loving to play and is vocal when having attention!

She is a blue, silver tabby with the most amazing ears!